Relationship based or transaction based recruitment?

The fast paced business environment forces us to proceed quickly and efficiently to achieve results. Sometimes however, although we act quickly we do not act effectively and as a result we end up losing precious time redoing or correcting things. But isn’t it better to do things efficiently and effectively the first time round? Especially when it comes to recruitment…

There is a trend from some clients who request our services, to require us to simply send CVs from our database for a given vacant position. They do not wish to “go through the trouble” of having a first meeting with us in order to discuss their requirements, understand their culture and values so that in turn we can recommend the right candidates. This mass recruitment method they are looking for is the old-fashioned “recruitment agency” method, not the “recruitment advisor” method. Otherwise known as transaction-based, not relationship-based recruitment. However, the aim of the recruitment advisor is to understand the client in depth, work hand-in-hand with him, and offer valuable advice during the process as a recruitment expert.

From the candidates’ side, the “recruitment agencies” simply acquire their CVs, call them up to ask their salary requirements, and if it fits with the salary budget then they forward their CV to the client with their consent (hopefully), without ever meeting them, understanding their personality, talents, mind-set, goals and aspirations and ultimately if they will be a good match.

Some clients insist by saying that it is for a non-permanent or seasonal position, therefore speed is more important than quality. Is this true though? There are numerous hidden costs incurred as a result of a poor hire such as opportunity costs (the cost of not having a better performing person working instead), team work issues and demotivated members (as the stronger team members will be forced to cover the mistakes or wrong handling of the poor hire, which in turn will cause frustration within the team), inefficiencies (as a poor hire might cause problems in the work flow), poor corporate image and loss of clients or client dissatisfaction (especially when it comes to front-line poor hires), and the obvious cost of having to go through the recruitment process again, as well as retrain another hire.

My question is, why not make a full use of the experts and involve them in your process instead of getting CVs from them? Involving the right advisors in your process will not end up in loss of time, but instead will help you proceed with the process methodically and accurately – starting from having the right systems in place to proceed immediately and speedily, doing a good qualification analysis of the possible candidates in their database, preparing a solid interview guide, acquiring the candidates’ salary and working conditions expectations, and finally evaluating each candidate against key selection criteria carefully and strictly based on merit.  As a result, provide you with a short-list of candidates that are a good option for you to choose between.

Of course this relationship-based recruitment can only develop if there is trust. Therefore, it is always good practice to pre-select your possible recruitment advisor though references, studying their methodologies carefully and asking a lot of questions once their proposal and terms and conditions are provided to you. Make sure they are approved recruiters by the government, are ethical and confidential, and their process is fair (they do not discriminate based on gender, age, ethnicity, etc.), and that they respect the personal data of candidates.

New year, new business objectives. Let us facilitate you in achieving them!

A new year is accompanied by new business objectives. As these objectives are challenging, it is important that companies review their internal capabilities and identify areas for development. Our clients come to us in order to fill certain gaps, which in turn will enable them to reach their annual objectives.

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We offer a large number of customised training programmes, ranging from personal development, service excellence, leadership and management, human resources, sales and marketing courses. Whichever style of course you choose, we can deliver it any way you like.

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