M.A. (Econ.)  

Lawrence Zammit is a founding partner of MISCO, a pioneering Maltese consultancy company. At MISCO Lawrence has developed the market research division of the organisation and has directed a number of local and foreign research assignments. Such research projects included social surveys, consumer surveys, business-to-business research, product testing and pricing research.

He conducts MISCO Training programmes on a regular basis on management and marketing topics, such as leadership, communication, team building, change management and marketing strategy. His training experience includes senior, middle and junior management levels. He also acts as a consultant to a number of business organisations across a range of economic sectors.

Lawrence Zammit has delivered training programmes in Cyprus in a range of areas including human resources development and management, employee reward strategies, and strategic leadership. He has also participated in marketing research and consultancy assignments for Cypriot businesses.

He has held a number of appointments. He was Chairman of Air Malta, Malta Enterprise, the Malta Development Corporation, the Employment and Training Corporation and Malta International Airport plc.

He is currently Chairman of the Board of Directors of Grand Harbour Marina plc and Atlas Insurance PCC Limited. He is also a member of the European Society of Opinion and Marketing Research and Fellow of the UK Chartered Institute of Marketing.

The development of strategy, his deep understanding of best practice principles of board governance, innovative thinking and leadership make him a valuable member of the PowerImage / MISCO Cyprus Team and an asset to any organisation asking for his consultancy.