People management contributes significantly today towards building a competitive advantage for organisations. It is essential that all HR processes operate at high efficiency levels and show continuous improvements.  At PowerImage/MISCO Cyprus we work closely with our clients to offer practical, multi-disciplinary approach to create environments in which their people can work most effectively. We offer our expertise and support by designing and facilitating the implementation of new effective and efficient HR processes.

Recruitment and Selection

We strongly believe in selecting candidates strictly based on merit by having a strong objective assessment process with a scoring system, from the screening of CVs to the final interviews, evaluating relevant skills, academic qualifications, level and quality of experience and personality. We support our corporate clients all along the selection process – from identifying requirements through to the final decision. We have an extensive database of candidates or we can take care of the advertising campaign of the vacancy and professionally screen all applications.

Executive Recruitment

Searching for your organisation’s Chief Executive or senior-level management is a serious task. PowerImage/MISCO Cyprus will guide you through this important process by sourcing key individuals for your strategic recruitment decisions.

Our methodology is based on a thorough understanding of strategic issues affecting your organisation and on the connections and networks we have developed throughout the years we have been operating.

Psychometric Assessments

Personality has a fundamental impact on job performance. Whether someone is outgoing or shy, risk-taking or cautious, these various traits will ultimately affect the suitability of candidates for particular kinds of employment. We offer a range of psychometric assessments in order to advise you better in your selection of employees. These assessments may assist you in:

  • Current work force assessment
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Succession planning
  • Appraisals of employees
  • Team building exercises
  • Employees’ personal development

Our psychometric assessments consist of personality or aptitude assessments.

Performance Assessment Centre Services

Assessment Centres are a useful tool when recruiting or in other areas such as the development of current staff, transfer of staff, and the identification of suitable employees for promotion. The aim of Assessment Centres is to assess a group of candidates in different real life situations in order to analyse their skills and qualities at a deeper and clearer level.

Training and Development

Our vast portfolio of open and bespoke training programmes are run by experienced and approved trainers. We believe that learning happens when one is actively engaged, therefore all our programmes are designed to be interactive, fun and highly practice-based with case studies, exercises and role plays. For more information click here.


PowerImage / MISCO Cyprus are leading specialists offering Coaching services since 2005 to individuals and organizations, aiming to bring out the best in people, either on an individual or a group basis. By providing professional or personal development solutions, we assist people in reaching their full potential. With a clear focus on both, current and long-term goals, we assist individuals to address specific professional or life development issues, cultivate a ‘CAN-DO’ attitude and set achievable action plans. From becoming capable of managing a challenging project to taking a life changing decision, our clients have all success stories to tell.

Performance Management Systems

Over the years we assisted a number of private companies in implementing Performance Management Systems. These projects would usually involve high level meetings with members of senior management and board of directors, training related to performance management systems for both appraisers and appraisees and the championing of the whole system.

Culture & Change Management

We have been involved in major transformational and change programmes amongst a number of organisations. Through the use of various tools, we provide support to organisations and their human resources, to improve their performance through the analysis of existing organisational problems and the development of plans for improvement. Our team of consultants aid organisations through adopting a thorough multi-step process that aims to execute and sustain the company’s desired outcomes

Organizational Reengineering

We look closely at your strengths and weaknesses, the desired vision, and based on our findings, we review all the different levels of the organization’s way of doing business and address issues that need to be improved. The goals of reengineering include increased efficiency and effectiveness, improved company profits, improved competitive advantage in the marketplace and enhanced stakeholder value.

Design of HR Policies and Procedures

Introducing HR policies and procedures gives organisations the opportunity to offer a fair and consistent approach to managing their staff. We develop Codes on Business Conduct and Ethics, on Customer Care Practices, on Brand Promise and many more.

Job Evaluation Exercises

We provide guidance to create a framework and methodology for the job evaluation exercise. Through the years, we have developed our own Job Evaluation methodology which has proven to be successful in many organizations.

Competency Mapping

Identify the common characteristics of your most successful employees. Determine competencies required to meet your current and future business needs, design HR processes to incorporate the competency approach and train the company’s managers in using the competency approach in selection, performance management etc.

HR Analytics

Business Intelligence is a growing trend, as companies strive on being effective and efficient in the way they do business. We have cloud-based, scalable systems which we offer strictly for our HR Business Partner clients. With this service, decision makers and HR departments can get the data they need from our accessible, self-service software.

Outplacement Services

A range of services designed to assist companies and their employees through the difficult transitions resulting from employee terminations, layoffs and redundancies. Workforce changes are inevitable, but the way the company handles downsizing and workforce restructuring can make or break its reputation as an employer and as a corporate citizen. We work with companies who are committed to their staff and their future, and who are striving to earn and maintain a positive identity as an employer. We provide Outplacement Services to corporate clients as well as employees, in order to help make the downsizing transition as smooth as possible for both sides.