Through our many years of expertise in this field, we offer a full range of Quantitative and Qualitative Market Research Methods to help businesses make better decisions.

We collect data through different methodologies e.g. Face-to-Face Interviews, Telephone Interviews, Omnibus Surveys, Tracking Studies, Self-Completed Questionnaires and for faster results On-Line Research. Through Qualitative Research we track true customers, consumers or people perceptions using methods such as Focus Groups, In-Depth Interviews and Observations. We tailor or customise solutions to address precisely the questions and issues that are unique to each and every client.

We provide Market Research Solutions and Industry Sector Insight, covering market information needs on:

Customer Loyalty Services (Mystery Shopping & Dining)

Mystery Shopping & Dining is frequently used for both an organization’s internal evaluation, as well as a tool for competitive research. It is a practice used by the top retail outlets, leading entertainment / leisure organizations, banks and other financial institutions. PowerImage / MISCO Cyprus have particularly strong expertise in Mystery Shopping & Dining survey projects since 1991, in Cyprus and abroad.  

We develop a list of customer relations drivers that need to be examined and have a trained evaluator sent to assess the staff on the pre-determined aspects of service. We also assess the service provided by competitors and benchmark our client’s level of service against that of its competition. The purpose of Mystery Shopping is to assess the staff’s performance at the “moment of truth”, that is at the time it is interfacing with customers. This will in turn help to identify training needs and service improvement action points.

Employee Engagement Surveys

We help our clients understand what creates a passion for work in their employees, what creates an emotional bond between them and their employees and what are those aspects that may create disaffection among employees. Our research expertise combined with our unique knowledge of human resources issues will help clients to understand their employees’ attitudes and behaviour and to design strategies that strengthen the engagement of their employees.

Customer / Client Research

We engage with our clients to design customer research programmes that will provide findings which enhance their knowledge of the market and which point towards actionable results. We help our clients to engage with their own customers through our marketing research. We help our clients to define the appropriate research methodology that will give them meaningful results and define the target audience.

Brand Awareness Surveys

Through our specialized surveys, we can help our clients understand the level of brand awareness for the customers they target, diagnose problem attributes and associations and therefore identify how to increase perceived quality, brand loyalty and ultimately brand equity (the value of the brand).

Opinion Polls

We perform Opinion Polls on a sample population in order to predict election results or estimate public attitudes on issues.

Omnibus Surveys

In this research method, multiple clients share the cost of conducting research. We perform standard yearly Omnibus Surveys or ad hoc after specific requests from our clientele.

Focus Groups

Focus Groups Marketing and Opinion Research is not only about numbers. It is also about discovering motives behind certain behaviours and understanding attitudes and perceptions. The focus is on understanding why people think the way they do. We have the resources available to conduct professional qualitative research through focus groups in which a group of people will be asked about their perceptions, opinions, beliefs and attitudes towards a product, service, concept, advertisement, idea, or packaging. Questions are asked in an interactive group setting where participants are free to talk with other group members. Our focus groups are led by our professionally trained moderators thus ensuring meaningful findings.

On-line Surveys

This service is available to those clients who have a database of e-mail addresses and seek to have the respondents complete the survey on-line. Alternatively MISCO can work with clients to generate a panel willing to participate in on-line surveys. This methodology may be a cost-effective solution especially useful for brief questionnaires targeted at young persons.

Participate in Discussion Groups, Online Panels & Mystery Shopping/Dining

If you enjoy sharing your opinion on products or services, you can join our panel of research respondents here.

By joining, you will become one of our research respondents, who we will be contacting to ask for their valuable feedback on several research projects.

Quality Audit Service

We assess the quality of maintenance and cleanliness of public areas such as Airports, Malls, Hospitals and Retail Outlets.

The quality-monitoring service is based on preset standards and guidelines, which are agreed between the client and PowerImage / MISCO Cyprus.

The type of results extracted, relate to the items which either require cleaning or maintenance work to be carried out on them. The objective is to control the services provided by subcontractors and concessionaires – Outlets within the area.