Attracting Talent through Social Media – Live Webinar – 02 November, 2017

Purpose of the programme
Employers struggle every day to win “the war for talent”. In these challenging times, companies need to use all means available to them to attract the right talent. Social Media is proving to be a powerful tool that unlocks the possibility of reaching talented candidates faster and more effectively than ever before. However, just having a presence on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter is not enough. Social Media needs to be an integral part of the recruitment strategy and to be utilized strategically in order to unleash its full potential.

The purpose of this 2-hour live webinar is to introduce effective and creative methods for incorporating Social Media into your company’s recruitment strategy and to share ideas and best practices on how to identify, attract and approach top talent through Social Media Platforms.

Programme Objectives
By the end of this webinar, you will:

  • Be able to develop an effective Social Media strategy for your recruitment efforts and stand out from the competition.
  • Understand how to build and promote your Employer Brand and culture through Social Media.
  • Gain useful tips and insights and learn best practices on how to utilize Social Media to identify, attract and approach top talent.
  • Learn how to use simple, quick and targeted online methods that can have a highly positive impact on your recruitment results.

Who will benefit from this programme:
Business owners, managers, recruiters and human resources professionals who are involved in recruitment.

Q&A Session:
Throughout the live webinar session the participants will be able to submit questions to the trainer, which will be answered at the end.

Trainer: Marisa Ieridou, ΒSc (Hons) Psychology, MSc Human Resource Management and Organizational Analysis, Assoc. CIPD, ACyHRMA

Marisa has extensive experience in recruitment and in her current role is responsible for sourcing, screening, interviewing and selecting strong candidates for the company’s clients. Marisa has designed and delivered training courses on recruitment methods, Employer Branding and social media in recruitment. Furthermore, she has developed a Business Manual on Employer Branding.

Date:  2 November, 2017   Time: 11:00-13:00 CY (GMT+3) / 9:00-11:00 UK (GMT+1)

Participation Cost: €50.

Language: The webinar will be delivered in English.

Participation: Register to the webinar by clicking on the “REGISTER NOW” button below. We shall be sending a link to the webinar to all participants closer to the date. Only 100 seats available!

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