Presentation of the “2018 HR & Workforce Trends”

As a specialized HRM consultancy company with over a decade of experience and a strong team of experts, we at PowerImage / MISCO Cyprus conducted the second annual HR and Workforce Trends Survey, 2018 edition. We consider that it is our duty to keep ourselves and others abreast of HR developments and trends in the Cypriot professional environment. The Survey took place towards the end of 2017.

Attendees to the presentation of the results were clients of PowerImage / MISCO Cyprus or survey participants, who had the opportunity to be updated on the Human Resources Management (HRM) challenges faced by companies in Cyprus during 2017, as well on the priorities and interventions that will be implemented during 2018. During the question and answer session of the presentation, an interesting discussion was developed where attendees were able to raise questions and voice concerns on the HRM challenges they will face during 2018 and the next few years.

The most challenging issues for 2017 according to the respondents were attracting talent, retaining talent and employee engagement.  The priorities for 2018 are improving performance and productivity, employee engagement and managing organizational culture.

Comparing to last year’s results, companies selected interventions with more lasting effects rather than quick fixes, as they are moving away from the survival mode of the last few years, towards strategies that will facilitate growth and competitiveness.

The results of the survey were presented by Stephanie Dikaiou Fessas, Managing Director of PowerImage/MISCO Cyprus, while during the question and answer session Lawrence Zammit  the Director of MISCO Consulting Ltd (Malta) also participated in providing his expertise knowledge.

For more information about the survey or the services of PowerImage / MISCO Cyprus, send an email at or call at +357 22 66 00 06.