Results Presentation of “2017 HR & Workforce Trends” survey

PowerImage/MISCO Cyprus, one of the leading companies in Cyprus offering Human Resources Advisory Services, presented with great success to CEOs and HR professionals the results of the survey “2017 HR & Workforce Trends” on Tuesday 7th of February, 2017, at their premises in Nicosia.

The attendees had the opportunity to be informed about the Human Resource Management challenges faced by 58 organizations in 2016 in Cyprus, their priorities and initiatives for 2017.

The companies which participated were from a wide range of industries. Some of the participating companies were the following:

  • Baker Tilly South East Europe
  • Cybarco
  • Grant Thornton Cyprus
  • GlaxoSmithKline
  • Hellenic Petroleum Cyprus
  • Hyperion Systems Engineering
  • IKEA
  • Iacovos Photiades
  • Laiko Cosmos Trading Ltd.
  • Mallouppas & Papacostas Group
  • Photos Photiades Breweries
  • Pireaus Bank (Cyprus)
  • PrimeTel

A brief summary of the final report is provided below and you may download the full report here.

The research revealed that the main challenges companies faced in 2016 were “Attracting top talent”, “Engaging employees” and “Increasing performance and productivity.” The selected top three priorities for 2017 are “Increasing performance and productivity”, “Retaining top talent”, and “Attracting top talent.”  The companies have specified the interventions they are planning to introduce based on the aforementioned priorities. The main interventions planned are to “Provide more frequent feedback on performance” and to “Introduce / improve performance appraisal system” as ways to “Increase performance and productivity”. The most chosen interventions for retaining top talent are to “Improve acknowledgement of exceptional performers”, “Provide more opportunities for advancement” and “Review remuneration strategy.”

In conclusion, the interventions that the participants selected as a method of attracting top talent to the organization, are to “Introduce employer branding strategies”, “Improve the use of social media for recruitment” and lastly the “Use of external recruitment consultants.”

The presentation of the results was conducted by Mrs. Stephanie Dikaiou Fessas, Managing Director of PowerImage/MISCO Cyprus. An introduction to the presentation was carried out by Mr. Lawrence Zammit, Director of PowerImage/MISCO Cyprus and Managing Director of MISCO Consulting Ltd (Malta).