The first Manual of Job Descriptions for the Energy Sector in Cyprus, exclusively from PowerImage/MISCO Cyprus.

The extensive experience of PowerImage Services Ltd in preparing and writing up Job Descriptions for positions in all sectors, led the company to publish the first specialized “Manual of Job Descriptions for the Energy Sector”.

The manual comprises 40 job descriptions and it is an essential and helpful tool for Managers in the Energy Industry. By law, every organization/employer is required to provide their employees with the terms of employment in writing and to keep the employees’ job descriptions and employment agreements in file.

The guide consists of 97 pages and is divided into two sections. The first section is a practical and hands-on toolkit which can assist the reader on how to write custom-made job descriptions while the second section includes forty job descriptions ranging from manual jobs to managerial positions in the Oil and Gas and Renewable Energy industries. Each position is accompanied by an organizational chart, list of responsibilities, required qualifications, etc.

This manual is an excellent tool for every employer in the Energy Sector, and can be consulted during recruitment or restructuring. It would also be a valuable resource for organizations in the Energy Sector, wishing to undertake a programme for upgrading Job Descriptions.

For more information about the manual, which is in the English language and is offered exclusively by PowerImage Services Ltd. please contact us at T. 22660006, or at F. 22661222 or at E. .